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Inspiration waves

Design is the field in which you should be on top of the inspiration waves. From my experience I know before creating a great interface I have to spend a lot of time searching for inspiration. I agree with the fact that all of us have their own way of finding inspiration, but in this article I want to share with you my personal experiment.

It’s not a secret that we all have subconscious. This tool is a very important thing in our head. I always like to compare it with a vessel. The secret is that a vessel should be constantly filled in our head. We are not always aware of how unconsciously we receive any kind of information. Many factors of our daily life affect it (television, radio, podcasts, conversations in the office and on the street). But honestly I believe that we are able to control the information that gets into our heads. For example, I don’t watch TV the last 3 years. I don’t like when my subconscious mind absorbs everything around me without my control.

So here you can find some recommendations for designers and understand how to get inspired from the right resource and fill your vessel with useful information. Let’s get started!

Every morning I practice meditation with the help of Enso app, 20 mins a day I spend to clear my mind and think about something special for me. Sometimes I don’t think about anything. It’s considered to be the most valuable time because at this moment you have the opportunity to listen to yourself. It’s so important in the nowadays world.

I get up early at 7 o’clock every day. It’s a good habit to get up with the sun rising. The sun energizes you for the whole day. After a shower and breakfast I usually read a book for about 30 mins. Books signify a great part in our development. I personally choose what to read and my mind fills with the “food for thought” for the rest of the day from the morning. During one year you can read 50 books and more if you follow this advice.

As a designer, I constantly have to look at something beautiful. I find plenty of interesting things for my designer’s mind on BehanceDribble. I spend about an hour every day surfing these resources. I usually save even more colorful ideas while exploring Pinterest boards. Also, in Safari I have a folder called “Inspiration”. There are sites in it which supply my visual memory. It’s quite convenient when all these resources are at hand. I recommend you to do it as well. Among my rating of popular website are: Awwwards, One Page Love, Fubiz, Abduzzedo and etc.

For the past 2 years I started using my Youtube account more efficiently. I subscribed for about 30 channels that inspire me. During the week I watch a video in my timeline when I am free between the projects. I like watching travel, tech, nature and motivation speeches and of course design tutorials. Youtube and Vimeo (with structured channels) are favorite sources of inspiration for me. I find lots of inspiration on my Instagram.

I try to find sources for visual inspiration in all the things around me. I prefer to watch movies in beautiful bright colors with unusual compositions, I am interested in other points of view from my friends about design, in sorting music in my iTunes on the degree of inspiration.

I wish you all to expand the capabilities of your own radar for seeking inspiration. Take care of your sleeping mode. Peace!

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