The designing of time: how I manage my time?

Time is the most precious thing a human being has in life. Possibly, in the nearest future it will trasfer into the new currency which will have its rate and market price. Actually, every one of us trades their time. No matter whether you go to work every day, work as a freelancer or run your own busines. We are all in charge of our peronal time. The one who can use his time in a proper way and be more effective than the others will always benefit from it.

In this article I’d like to pass on the experience on managing my own time schedule. Frankly speaking, due to the fact that I am just a normal human I am not always capable of getting all the planned things for a day, a week or a month done. But I’ve managed to make it a habit to set up a plan for a day or at least complete 60–70% of my major focus. Unfortunately, it won’t be possible without planning something in advance. Every ship needs its sails rather than keeping to the wind.

I’ve proved that the success of my results in planning depends on my motivation to change, becoming a better me and the tools which makes my mind free from the unnecessary information.

I simply use Wunderlist and Google Calendar on all the devices I have: my phone, my tab and my laptop. To my regret, I haven’t found a perfect tandem for using the task tracker and the calendar in the same app, but in the future it may change for the better. So far those two apps carry different tasks in my devices and do not get synchronized between each other.

I fill Wunderlist out with must-do tasks such as meetings, project objective, books for reading. Quite often at different turorials I take pictures of a slide and attach this photo to a definite task. Thus, it is really convenient and I can get back to the right visual information any time. I’ve heard a lot about Evernote app, but I don’t quite 100% use it. Evernote is just a notebook for me to write my ideas down which appear during the tutorials,conferences, ideas from the books and talks.

Google calendar became a real revelation for me, I start and finish the day using it. I am not going to explain how to use Calendar,there is no necessity in it. The best thing about this app is that you can create objectives in different categories,for instance: do sports, learn something, relatives. Right now I have three goals to achieve in this “smart calendar” for coming months and to be honest it really works for me! On one hand, I train my useful habits, on the other hand, I feel inexplicable satisfaction and pride when I press the “done” button.

Google calendar became a real revelation for me, I start and finish the day using it.

When we speak about self-management, we always have to keep in mind disctractive factors which you’d like to minimize. I reply to my emails once a day at certain time and spend not more that 20 mins on it. I leave all the tasks I do not have time for and continue the following day. The tags and the files in my email messenger make it easier to find the right mail. I do not prohibit the access to the social sites intentionally with the help of special apps,because I need those sites for my work. But I let myself check it out twice a day for not longer than 20 mins to send the messages and scroll the timeline. If I do not set time limits for that, the hours may pass into sand.

I use Pomodoro approach to work on assigned objectives which is set up on my laptop. There is plenty of information about it on the internet. On my behalf I want to add that this method helps me to concentrate on my current tasks and not to forget to have rest.

I use Pomodoro approach to work on assigned objectives which is set up on my laptop.

Meditation and healthy sleep are the topics we could discuss endlessly. I sleep up to 8 hours. Also I reckon having a nap during the day for 20 mins is a great thing to do if you have time for it, of course. Two genuises Leonardo Da Vinci and Winston Churchill practiced short naps in their lives. It’s a well-known fact about their life achievements and effective results, so take it into consideratio. Meditation helps to distract from the routine and put everything on its right places. Enso is a big help in it. In the world of great information flow it’s quite important to keep your mind in peace and clear from the waste.

Meditation and healthy sleep are the topics we could discuss endlessly.

I would also mention how significant it’s to develop your skills and expand your perspective. Let’s say you could make it a habit to read, learn how to play a new musical instrument, master a brand-new kind of sport, learn a different language and bunch of other things. The key idea is that it’s all possible if you have the ability to plan your time right. I’ve noticed such an essential feature in the working process: the more involved I am,the faster I make things finished. I am not saying that you need to have multiple assignments, but at least two of them let me plan my time effectively. In such way my life gets a little longer. It looks like you are living parallel lives simultaneously. Furthermore, such an attitude makes me more energetic and helps me to start the day in good vibes.

Guys, I would really appreciate to get your feedback about the above topic and of course will respond to the occurred questions. Leave your comments below and subscribe for my blog. Highly estimate your time and know its real price.

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